Dr. Alper Sağlanmak


  • Immediate implant placement and immediate loading
  • Treatment planning in complex cases.
  • Prosthetically driven dental implant placement (over 5000 implants for nearly 12 years)
  • Static and dynamic surgical guides
  • Guided bone regeneration procedures (Horizontal-vertical augmentation, bone-splitting, sandwich osteotomies)
  • Sinus lift (Lateral, Crestal approach, MOVE protocol with osseodensification drills)
  • Autologous bone blocks Periimplantitis treatment with newly developed techniques.
  • Soft tissue augmentation (Especially with dermal matrices) only around implants.


  • Oral Implantology, Istanbul University, Mar 2010 ‐ Current, ISTANBUL TURKEY
  • Well educated in diagnose and treatment planning in complex cases. Provide highest standard of patient care by educating patients on treatment planning options.
  • Well educated in oral implant surgery, implant supported prosthesis and periimplant soft tissue augmentation.
  • Placed dental implants since 2010 to resolve cosmetic and functional problems arising from age, periodontal diseases or trauma.
  • Prepared patients for dental implants with guided bone regeneration by complex surgical procedures (Sinus lift, horizontal and vertical bone augmentation, bone-splitting, sandwich osteotomies, osseodensification etc.)
  • Prepared patients for long term stable soft tissue conditions around implants with soft tissue augmentation procedures (soft tissue thickening with dermal matrices).
  • Well educated in simple and complicated implant supported prosthetic cases with various treatment opportunities.
  • Simple and complicated tooth extractions in adult patients.
  • Collaborated with other experts in dentistry to developed comprehensive treatment plans (Ortho-perio-prostho) Well educated in periimplantitis treatments especially in newly developed techniques (Galvosurge etc.)
  • Well educated in explanting existing implants to repair complex cases with soft and hard tissue deficiencies.
  • Besides academic studies that have been done and published in world known magazines and ongoing studies with different types of topics (Sinus lift, early and immediate loading protocols, Periimplantitis, Individualized healing abutments and impression posts, Custom made hard tissue barriers manufactured with 3D printers).


  • Assistant Professor, Oral Implantology Istanbul University ‐ Istanbul, Turkey (Jan 2024)
  • Research Assistant Dr., Oral Implantology Istanbul University ‐ Istanbul, Turkey (Jan 2021)
  • Ph.D., Oral Implantology Istanbul University ‐ Istanbul, Turkey (Jan 2015)
  • Bachelor of Science, Dentistry Istanbul University ‐ Istanbul (Jan 2009)
  • High School Diploma Cagaloglu high school ‐ ISTANBUL, TURKEY (Jan 2004)
  • For 7 years, I studied all courses in German. I completed my graduation with Sprachdiplom, which is proof that I know German at C2 level.


  • English, Advanced Boğaziçi University
  • German, Advanced Cagaloglu High School, Sprachdiplom C2 (documented)



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