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It is possible to achieve more esthetic teeth with smile design. Many dental treatment methods include smile design, from tooth whitening, composite fillings, porcelain laminated tooth coatings, zirconium teeth, orthodontic treatment, pink aesthetics and implant dental treatment.

Smile design is to provide a special and ideal smile for the face by applying dentistry, aesthetics and art together. Our teeth are aligned in harmony with each other and the soft tissues surrounding them. The basic elements of a healthy, aesthetic and beautiful smile are our teeth, so having comprehensive knowledge about tooth shapes and anatomical features forms the basis of all treatments.

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Laminate Veneers

Laminate Veneer is the process of gluing a specially prepared porcelain layer in the desired color, size and form to the front of the tooth. It is also known as leaf porcelain among the people. These coatings, which are made of porcelain, have an average thickness of 0.2-0.7 mm, and have a light transmittance. It is prepared and placed on an existing tooth with precision. Porcelain laminated teeth require a small amount of abrasion on the teeth to be applied. The abrasion process is determined in direct proportion to the form, color and position of the tooth.

Zirconia Dental Crowns

Since the light transmittance of zircona dental crowns is higher than metal-supported crowns, it does not create a dark color on the gums and you will not encounter problems such as black color reflection from the gingival edge, which is possible in metal-coated porcelain teeth in the future. In addition to providing an aesthetic and natural appearance, zirconia coating is also important for your gum health. Because zirconia crowns are more compatible with the gums, and the gum disease around the teeth with zirconia crowns is less likely to develop gum disease than metal-supported crowns.

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